TIS#036 06/18/15 NASA Social - APL, New Horizons & Pluto (Part 1)

NASA Social Episode

In this 2-Part episode, Alex overviews his visit to the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory for the NASA Social Event (June 5-6th, 2015)!

The event was all about New Horizons and Pluto - this is a science heavy two-parter, so get ready!

In the Intro for the show - Alex talks about how the day leading up to the NASA Social Broadcast was like. The group toured the APL campus, was able to see the Control Room for New Horizons and saw some other incredible space technology!

For the rest of the episode - Alex was able to record during the broadcast and cut up little bits to bring a different take on the event. The cuts involve talks from Mike Ryschkewitsch (Space Exploration Sector Head, APL), Jim Green (Director, Planetary Science Division, NASA) & Dr. Alan Stern (Principal Investigator, SwRI).

Alex introduces each cut and gives his take on these amazing speakers and the questions that follow (he got to ask two himself)!

Enjoy the first part of this Pluto-centric Two-Parter and all the Science that comes along with it!

The second part of this episode will be out Friday (6/18/15) Afternoon!