Personal Log: The Balance - Mental Wellness, Discipline, and 'taking small steps' towards change




This past week was really busy, and I wanted to refocus myself for the week ahead. So, here's another installment of the Balance in this week's Personal Log. We all have a balance for success, and we're all human and get off the wagon. I'm sharing my struggles and achievements of personal development in the hopes it starts a discussion about things like mental health, personal well being, and simply taking care of yourself.

At the very least, it's a place for me to talk about the human side of science. Plus, this is a space science show and last I checked we are all still in human form. If we can't handle ourselves on Earth, how are we expected to survive in the infinite vacuum of space without going mad or becoming unstable? Will we just continue the madness we see today but on other planets?? Never mind actually having a colony on another planet like Mars and not have it dissolve into complete anarchy.

So, let's start talking about the human side of science - I'll start.

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Hope you have a great week, stay safe, and spread love and science!
Alex G. Orphanos