SpaceX Starship Update, Delta V, and Orbital Refueling




Finally my voice is back from this cold I've had, and I'm well enough to cover the SpaceX Starship update from Elon Musk this past week. While I highly recommend listening to the update yourself (link below), I've broken down some key concepts that I think we should all take away from the current state of Starship. There's lots of work to be done and technology to develop. But, there's also some incredible things that Starship can achieve that no other spacecraft in existence can accomplish.

The biggest concept we review this week is about orbital refueling and maxing out your mission's Delta V. Starship could be ahead of its time and allow an expanded mission capable of launching from Earth and to the Moon (and back) on a full tank of fuel, from orbit. We'll explain WHY that's important for space travel.

Have a great week! Spread Love - Spread Science

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