SpaceX, Starship & CRS-18, LightSail2 on Solar Propulsion, and India's Low-Powered Moon Mission continues | TIS 159





On this week's episode, we go deep and cover some major Orbital news from Earth's space industry - catching you up on what's new in Space. 

Lightsail2 now using propulsion thanks to Solar Pressure

SpaceX had a successful CRS18 launch followed up by a docking of the Dragon spacecraft on ISS to resupply the 6 crew members onboard with supplies and experiments. 

SpaceX also had some Star Hopper success. 20m hop done - 200m hop soon. An update on Starship progress soon as well

India on it's way to the Moon! (more about the mission in episode)

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Hope you have a great week, stay safe, and spread love and science!
Alex G. Orphanos