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Black Holes, Falcon Heavy, India, Israel, and NASA to the Moon again!

In this episode, Alex reviews some of the top Space Science events of this year to break down where we are so far in this year of Space. 

- India's Anti-Satellite Test
- Israel attemped their first lunar landing with their Beresheet spacecraft
- The recent Falcon Heavy Test and results of the mission
- NASA plans to send the 1st Woman and Next Man to the surface of the moon in 5 years
- The recent images from the M87 Supermassive Black Hole by the Event Horizon team (and Dr. Katie Bouman who created the algorithm used to help image the black hole).

There's so much happening in the Space Science world, especially this year - hopefully this breakdown helps get you caught up. Enjoy!

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The Balance: Science & Engineering, NASA & SpaceX | Personal Log

Personal Log...Earth Date: March 12, 2019. After a few months away, Alex returns to explore a thought he has been obsessed with - balance. Balance in life, balance in work, balance in all things. But most importantly, how balance plays a part in science and engineering.

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