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The Balance: NASA & SpaceX - Jim Bridenstein visits SpaceX HQ | TIS#168

This week it's time to discuss the "Balance" in the Space Industry once again as NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein visited SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne, California to get an update on the progress for the Commercial Crew Program. 

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SpaceX Starship Update, Delta V, and Orbital Refueling

Finally my voice is back from this cold I've had, and I'm well enough to cover the SpaceX Starship update from Elon Musk this past week. I've broken down some key concepts that I think we should all take away from the current state of Starship. There's lots of work to be done and technology to develop. But, there's also some incredible things that Starship can achieve that no other spacecraft in existence can accomplish.

The biggest concept we review this week is about orbital refueling and maxing out your mission's Delta V. Starship could be ahead of it's time and allow an expanded mission capable of launching from Earth and to the Moon on a fuel tank of fuel, from orbit. We'll explain WHY that's important for space travel.

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The Raid on Area 51, Bob Lazar, and Stagnant Space Politics | TIS 166

Hey there Space People!

Back this week for another podcast - it's been a busy week but I managed to pull one together amid the chaos! This episode is more off the cuff and me doing some Space Commentary on the Area 51 raid, my thoughts on Bob Lazar and his Joe Rogan Experience interview and the Netflix Documentary "Bob Lazar: UFOs and Flying Saucers".

But to start, I wanted to talk about what the state of space politics is not even a month after the Space Command report. I'll give you a clue - I don't think it can compete with the demand of space progress for commercial and military applications.

More exciting stuff to cover from SpaceX on next weeks episode...

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The Last Starhopper - Launch Hangout for both SpaceX 150m test launch attempts | TIS162

This week the timing of everything Starhopper worked out and I was able to sit in front of the microphone and watch the 150m test launch for SpaceX. While the first day was scrubbed, there was solid space-talk about Starhopper, how to make spaceships and rockets cheaper, the power of iterative design, 3D printing, and more.

Just an Aerospace Engineer, a microphone, and a launch hangout as we talk everything SpaceX, Starhopper, Starship, and more!

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SpaceX Hypothesis, Chandrayaan2 update, RocketLabs LookMaNoHands, and Starman completes first lap of the Sun | TIS 161


On this week's episode, we have a few Orbital News segments to go through to catch you up on what's going on this week in space: Waiting on the FAA for Starhopper 200m Test, Chandrayaan-2 Enters Lunar Orbit, RocketLab’s #LookMaNoHands mission, and Starman & Elon Musk's Cherry Red Tesla Roadster complete 1st solar orbit.

We close out this week's episode with my thoughts on why SpaceX has such loyal fans. It has something to do with my sneakers...more on that at the end of the episode.

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SpaceX, Starship & CRS-18, LightSail2 on Solar Propulsion, and India's Low-Powered Moon Mission continues | TIS 159

On this week's episode, we go deep and cover some major Orbital news from Earth's space industry - catching you up on what's new in Space. 

Lightsail2 now using propulsion thanks to Solar Pressure

SpaceX had a successful CRS18 launch followed up by a docking of the Dragon spacecraft on ISS to resupply the 6 crew members onboard with supplies and experiments.

SpaceX also had some Star Hopper success. 20m hop done - 200m hop soon. An update on Starship progress soon as well

India on it's way to the Moon! (more about the mission in episode)

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